New Philly Music Review: TON- TAUN – “ Circus Court”

TON-TAUN is a Reading, PA based band made up of four college-aged multi –instrumentally talented musicians. Their sound varies at times. Some songs build on multi-layered sleepy sounds with moments that are reminiscent of Modest Mouse, or Wilco. Other tracks are sad, dark, and experimental, sounding like something between Interpol and The Talking Heads’ quirky but gloomy approach melted into the modern anthems of The Arcade Fire.

Songs like “Blood (Animal II)”, have guitar riffs that whirl through jazzy piano, funky organs, and flighty keyboard driven sound textures, while others like “Body (Animal III)” sound more like a heart broken ballads of anguish in the vein of Counting Crows and self driven destruction and despair of Trent Reznor’s rip your heart out of your throat classic “Hurt”.

The band is also capable of crafting classic “whoa oh oh” hooky rock songs like “Throwing John To The Wolves” which almost has a modern Brit-rock / indie vibe to it, and sounds something of cross of the Libertines, and The Hold Steady.

The inconsistency of styles between songs somehow seems to work for Ton-Tuan.  It’s probably just a few young musicians creating the music that they have the most fun playing, yet somehow it works and flows like the chapters of a story book, each song a chapter written different than one before; a piece that tells a tale on its own yet when placed in the proper sequence tells the theme of an overall story. This is the story of a young band called Ton-Taun that are creating artful music for themselves, and doing it their own way without compromise.


STANDOUT TRACKS: 1. “Blood (Animal I)”,  9. “ Bones (Animal II)”,”#6 Throwing John To The Wolves”,

RATING: 4 ½ of 5


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